Turnaround Management

When markets and economic conditions change, problems materialize. Regent Pacific can get to the source of them quickly. Replacing just a CEO or a key executive is almost never a sufficient solution. Troubled companies often require the swift implementation of a multi-faceted remediation plan. This can only be done by a senior team highly experienced with troubled situations, experience working together, and deep industry knowledge.

Regent Pacific brings a fresh set of eyes and experience honed over 38 years of preserving and enhancing value for clients in difficulty. This experience allows us to be fully focused on the key performance drivers necessary to stabilize and rapidly turnaround an underperforming business.

Additionally, troubled companies often have severe cash flow problems and may be facing near term liquidity issues or in some instances, insolvency. Regent Pacific will quickly control cash, identify cost containment opportunities, renegotiate trade and credit facilities, raise cash through the sale of equity or debt, and rationalize assets or businesses. Regent Pacific works to stabilize the company’s finances and generate the cash needed for turnaround activities.

Searching, identifying, and recruiting a new CEO can take 6 to 9 months or longer. The absence of leadership in these situations is costly, increasing the likelihood of further business deterioration and loss of enterprise value. To avoid this, Boards retain Regent Pacific to provide interim management and begin the turnaround. The stature of many of Regent Pacific executives, often with distinguished careers at the helm of leading companies in the client’s industry, can help to stabilize a volatile situation. Additionally, the stability and improvement we bring allows the Board to recruit from a stronger and larger pool of candidates.