Statutory and Non-Statutory Reorganizations

Bankruptcy: Regent Pacific has a successful track record with reorganizing and liquidating bankruptcies, both statutory and non-statutory. We have special expertise with “pre-packaged” bankruptcies where we work with all stakeholders to ensure a swift and efficient reorganization of the company with minimal disruption and a preservation of the client as a “going concern.”

When appropriate and necessary, Regent Pacific teams can implement or assist in reorganization processes, including:

  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency Management
    • Chapter 11 Reorganization
    • Section 363(B) Asset Sales
    • ABC Method: Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
  • Financial Restructuring, Refinancing, and Capital Formation

Outside the U.S., Regent Pacific provides the following services:

  • Court Petitions/Non-license Holder Appointments
  • Asset Sales/Subsidiary Divestitures
  • Intellectual Property Realizations
  • Creditor Standstills/Write Downs and Swaps
  • Consensual and Voluntary Reorganizations