Our History
Regent Pacific was founded in 1974 by Gary J. Sbona and William R. Krehbiel. In the early years of the firm, it was often said that defining a turnaround management firm (let alone being one) was one of the greatest challenges. The pioneering efforts of these two business management veterans helped shape the industry itself, and firmly established Regent Pacific as an industry leader for almost four decades. Regent Pacific has been recognized repeatedly by the Turnaround Management Association and other organizations for its contributions and excellence.

Regent Pacific opened a European office in London in 1988, and another in The Hague in 1993. The firm established a new headquarters for Regent Pacific Management Europe AG in Zug, Switzerland in 2004 to coordinate the activities of its representative offices throughout Europe.

Even Regent Pacific's name is unique. By definition, a Regent is someone who acts on behalf of a person in authority when circumstances make it difficult or impossible for that person to act on his own behalf. Of the nearly 60 synonyms for Regent, the one that comes closest to our mission is "protector." Pacific means peaceful or making peace. Of the many synonyms for Pacific, "mediatory" explains best our position, as one who interposes between parties at variance for the purpose of reconciling them.

Regent Pacific's name aptly describes what we do, and has identified who we are for almost four decades.