For an underperforming company, a company in transition, or even for a company in distress, the decision to ask for help from outside the organization is always one of the most difficult steps that executives in leadership and corporate governance positions must take. Too many organizations are late to recognize the warning signs. They may view the problem as simply a need to work harder, but in reality, something much more extensive must be done.

At Regent Pacific we believe there is a solution for most business problems, if the right resources can be applied within the properly-identified window of opportunity. Leaders of struggling companies must understand that an early response is almost always the key to a successful turnaround.

Retaining the services of experienced corporate turnaround and performance improvement professionals can be an uncomfortable concept. Optimism, pride, and denial often delay the time-critical decision-making process. There is a natural reluctance to yield control to someone from the "outside."

In addition to the emotional turmoil, there is a complex and precise balance that must be achieved among a wide range of constituents, regulations, and other variables. Shareholders, incumbent management, employees, investors, creditors, lenders, and tangible and intellectual property must be considered in the equation.

What we provide is more than balance sheet fixes.  We provide real-world solutions to our client’s issues by applying a proven methodology.