Gary J. Sbona
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Regent Pacific
San Francisco, CA

If you’re looking for a traditional, “hierarchical” organization chart, you won’t find it here!

Since its founding, Regent Pacific has hired only very-senior corporate executives – most with previous CEO, COO, CFO, president or senior vice president experience.  Gary Sbona has always insisted on viewing our staff of professionals as colleagues – and wanted the organizational structure to be “flat.” Time has proven this model to be the right choice. 

One of the main reasons these collegial relationships have worked so well for the Firm is the fact that our staff of professionals are almost always working in client engagements. Most of our work has been in turnaround situations where our team members assume the office and titles that fit the client’s organization – typically taking the roles of CEO, COO, CFO, etc. When any of our senior executives are not engaged in client work, they assume the operational roles within the Regent Pacific organization as required to responsibly manage the Firm. Titles and egos are not a main concern at Regent Pacific!

Our professionals and their relevant job experience can be found in the Our Team section of this website.