How We Work
Our approach has been tuned, but has not changed, over the past thirty-eight years.  In our early years, we had no training program or apprenticeships.  So, we went out and hired very capable senior executives.  We approached client engagements as teams, not as individuals.  We were not consultants... but operators.  So, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work.  Knowing that one person could not possibly have all of the answers, we met every night to discuss the events of the day... put our heads together and solved the problems.  We accepted total responsiblity and accountability for the success or failure of our client companies.  And, it worked! Thus, we continue to follow this proven and time-tested methodology today.

Multifunctional approach

  • Regent Pacific Proven Methodology
  • Team approach
  • Experienced principals, rapidly deployed, working together as a unit creating synergy, productivity and extraordinary results
  • Advisory or hands-on approach
  • Assuming responsibility, authority and accountability for implementing solutions and achieving outstanding business results
  • Ability to execute

Initial Analysis - Analyze companies within the framework of their strategies and business models with particular emphasis on:

  • Cash – Is there adequate runway to execute a turnaround, increase company valuation, and prepare for the desired exit?
  • Core Business – Is the business viable as a going concern?
  • Competent Management – Is management capable and effective?

Provide Management Services - Engage with companies as appropriate for:

  • Operational and Performance Assessment – digging below the surface issues that typically mask the real operational and performance issues needing immediate attention
  • Management Intervention – at the appropriate time
  • Turnaround Management – increasing the valuation prior to exit

Focus and consistency to produce exceptional results in difficult situations