How We Differ

Regent Pacific is different from other options typically considered:

Individual Consultants generally specialize in a single functional area, such as technology, operations, marketing, or finance. The issues in a turnaround are usually larger and more complex than an individual consultant can address in a reasonable time period.

Consulting Firms generally specialize in functional areas, such as strategic planning, finance, or accounting. Consulting firms are not able to take an operating role with the company, and therefore do not assume responsibility for performance or implementation. Their fee structure is often based on an hourly or daily rate; staffing projects with many junior associates increases their profits. Compensation is rarely aligned with creating shareholder value.

Turnaround-Bankruptcy Advisors typically focus on bankruptcies, where they identify and protect assets pending liquidation. Because they often manage liquidations, their fee structure is generally a high hourly or daily rate. They commonly deploy large numbers of junior personnel in the engagement. They typically represent the interests of creditors rather than shareholders.

Regent Pacific's primary objective is to protect and enhance shareholder value. We deploy small teams of select senior executives with turnaround and domain experience as dictated by the specific requirements of the assignment. While Regent Pacific charges a monthly fee for service, much of our compensation can be based on the attainment of milestones or project goals that create incremental shareholder value. We believe this compensation structure is unique among turnaround firms and directly aligns our interests with that of our client and our client company's shareholders.