Clients Europe

Our European professionals have worked together on senior executive teams for many years, across a wide spectrum of industries, cultures, languages, and markets. The list that follows represents a broad summary of the collective experience of these individuals and teams. Confidentiality agreements preclude the use of certain company names. Additional examples are available on request by clicking on Contact Us.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Swiss manufacturer of audio equipment
Broadcasting and recording equipment - consumer and professional

Swiss maker of industrial packaging systems
Production line automation

Swiss manufacturer of machine tools
Electrical discharge machining and CAD

Swiss manufacturer of specialty cables
Telecommunications and safety cabling systems

Swiss maker of printed circuit boards
Rapid prototyping and flexible batch manufacturing of PCBs

International maker of innovative elastomers
Components for industrial, automotive, and pharmaceutical applications

International manufacturer of high-quality curtain wall systems
Engineering, manufacturing, and installation of curtain walling facades

Swiss-based, pioneering high tech tool maker
precision wafering systems for the global solar industry

Swiss-based manufacturer of medical devices
Advanced digital radiology equipment  

Swiss-based manufacturer of components and substations
Leading  supplier of safety technology for rail transportation  

Swiss-based manufacturer of precision gears
High precision gears for the Automotive, Railway, and Aerospace industries

German manufacturer of industrial steel products
Customized plates and forms for manufacturing of machinery and machine tools

Pharmaceutical Industry

American/Swiss-based eye care products company
Global manufacturer of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and products

Swiss provider of micronization tools and services
High precision machinery and services for the pharmaceutical industry

International supplier to the pharmaceutical industry
Biotech services and packaging components for pharmaceutical applications

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Belgium-based wholesaler of industrial tooling
Global distribution of plastic molding and metal stamping systems and components

Swiss distributor of wood products
Largest wholesale distributor of wood for flooring, doors, veneers, and more

Swiss wholesale distributor of non-food consumer products
Import, warehousing, and wholesale distribution of electronics, household goods, toys, and more

Swiss importer and distributor of consumer products
Import of leathers, paper and textiles for wholesale distribution   

Information Technology

Swiss-based IT solutions vendor
Provider of IT infrastructure, ERP systems, and managed services

Dutch manufacturer - Tulip Computers N.V.
Desktop, server, notebook computers, and communication products

European operations of American-based company - Daisy/Cadnetix
Computer aided engineering systems

European operations of American-based company - 3D Systems Corp.
Solid imaging products and systems solutions

European operations of American-based company - Verity, Inc.
Enterprise search, classification, and personalization technologies

Italian division of a global technology solutions provider
Telecommunications, transport revenue collection, security, network integration

Swiss IT services company
Project management, software solutions, process insourcing

Swiss energy holdings company
Software division, CASE tools

Swiss software services firm, division of a major American telecom group
Software division

European/Asian supplier of systems solutions and services
Structured cabling systems for LAN, WAN applications

Services Industry

Dutch transportation company - The Malenstein Group
Haulage and storage of perishable liquids

Swiss-based international trading group
Soft-commodities trading

Swiss-based international trading group
Technical and electronic components for industrial applications

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