At a Glance
Regent Pacific has consistently demonstrated its ability to swiftly and accurately analyze underperformimg companies, companies in transition, and companies in trouble. After our analysis has been completed and all assumptions confirmed or rejected, we then evaluate viable business strategy alternatives. After agreement has been reached and the best alternative selected, we develop and implement no-nonsense solutions that maximize value for all parties of economic interest. Our firm's record of success is based on a rapid-response, hands-on, operational team approach, and the team's unique insight into the complex operational, financial, legal, and ethical issues faced by our client companies. Our team always responds with deliberate speed and dispassionate precision.

  • Founded in 1974
  • 36 affiliates, adjunct staff and domain experts
  • Average of 28 years of general management and operational experience per team member
  • Conducted 550 engagements for 430 clients
  • Completed 185 restructurings, reorganizations, or bankruptcies
  • Transacted 95 sales of businesses, product lines, and technologies
  • Long track record of recovering lost value for client companies